Shoot Info

Shoots are available on select weekdays and most Saturdays, depending on my schedule. Most sessions take place in my home studio in Chelsfield/Orpington near Bromley, although I occasionally use studio space in Stamford Brook, Twickenham.

Your ideas are important to me, so please feel free to ring me before coming to the shoot if you’d like to chat through some creative options or discuss what sort of clothing to bring. I value input from parents and love it when they arrive with armfuls of clothes, toys and props and brimming with ideas.

All fees are payable when booking your shoot. Newborn shoots are transferable – so you could bring your baby for a shoot when s/he is a little older and the balance could go towards your print order.

Fees include my time, my specialist skills, post production work and an ordering appointment. I am available throughout the process to help and advise you – not only with your shoot but also with your selection of images.

Maternity Shoots


Celebrating beautiful bellies and your first connection with your child.

Maternity Shoots

A maternity shoot is about celebrating the miracle of sharing your body with your baby and capturing the beauty of your belly. The best time is between 32 and 36 weeks, although the shoot can be done at any stage you choose.

You can come to the shoot with your partner, with your child or children, or you can bring a girlfriend or your mum – I really don't mind who you bring, as long as you feel confident and comfortable with them.

We can also discuss the type of shots you'd like. I have plenty of fabrics and ideas to help create the look you want – you can show as little or as much of your bump as you like, and please don't worry about stretch marks or the odd blemish, as these can always be airbrushed out in the post-production process.

I wish I'd gone to a really good female photographer when I was pregnant. I would cherish those images now.

Newborn Shoots


Teeny Tinies - Treasuring the early days

Newborn Shoots

These sessions are some of my favorite. I love newborns’ little tummies, wispy hair and tiny toes and fingers. The best time to do these photographs is when your baby is 5 – 8 days old. This is because they are still quite ‘pliable’, they generally sleep a lot, and colic and baby acne have not yet set in.

I try to be a little more ‘flexible’ with the dates of these shoots as things don’t always go according ‘to plan’. I generally book them for 5 days after your due date and change them if necessary, babies seldom come when they are expected.

These sessions are generally a little longer as we have to work at your newborn’s pace. They average between 2– 4 hours. We need to allow time for feeding, changing and cuddling. New parents can also be tired and a bit sore so I don’t want to rush things. These are lovely, gentle sessions and really special shoots, I highly encourage them.

These sessions should be booked as early as possible after your 20 week scan, this will ensure your booking and assist me in managing the diary. If however your baby is due fairly soon or already born feel free to call me, I may be able to fit you in. In order to offer my clients the best service possible and because I shoot a lot of newborns and it can be ‘unpredictable’, with me having to move things around a little each week; I only allow limited number of sessions per week. To avoid dissapointment it is best to book as early as possible. 

Baby, Children & Family Shoots


Creating a lifetime of memories

Baby, Children & Family Shoots

I'm a mother and have been photographing children for more than 15 years, so I try to book sessions with naps and feeding times in mind to make sure everyone is at their best.

These shoots are light-hearted and fun, with a bit of gentle direction. Each session is different, with the unique dynamic that flows naturally between you and your family. Some children like to sing, make silly noises, tell jokes, dance, jump around, clap hands, play peekaboo and generally have a fun time, while others might just want to sit and talk quietly or play with toys while my camera discreetly captures them.

See examples of other studio baby/ little people/ family sessions I've captured.

Lifestyle Sessions

On request

Capturing the joy in the every day

Lifestyle Sessions

These sessions are about capturing children at play in a favourite place, so they are on location and generally use natural light. The shoot might take place in your home, at a park or on a beach. I really encourage parents to think outside the box – the more unconventional the location, the better! I love interesting alleys, doors with peeling paint and other interesting places and textures. If you have a specific theme in mind, let me know so we can take a few props along and really have some fun.

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