Celebrating beautiful bellies and your first connection with your child.

Maternity Shoots

A maternity shoot is about celebrating the miracle of sharing your body with your baby and capturing the beauty of your belly. The best time is between 32 and 36 weeks, although the shoot can be done at any stage you choose.

You can come to the shoot with your partner, with your child or children, or you can bring a girlfriend or your mum – I really don't mind who you bring, as long as you feel confident and comfortable with them.

We can also discuss the type of shots you'd like. I have plenty of fabrics and ideas to help create the look you want – you can show as little or as much of your bump as you like, and please don't worry about stretch marks or the odd blemish, as these can always be airbrushed out in the post-production process.

I wish I'd gone to a really good female photographer when I was pregnant. I would cherish those images now.