Enchanting little Ella

I have a props room at my studio which is brimming with blankets, buckets, boxes, scales, nests, fabrics of different textures and many other exiting things for your shoot.  I do, however,  love it when my clients come to their shoots armed with ideas and items to ensure that their shoots are 'personal' to them.  This is the enchanting little Ella's whose mum is not only a talented graphic designer but also has a fantastic cupcake business and is crazy about baking.  She wanted to incorporate this theme into her shoot and posing a sweet little baby in a mixer was easier that I thought.

When Ella was in her mummy's tummy she was referred to as 'Bear' which is why we had a little bear theme and those killer shoes in her maternity shoot were hand beaded for her wedding...quite the talented lady.  Here are just a few  images from their newborn and maternity shoot.



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