About Sue


I have to confess that I really don’t like these ‘about me’ sections on people’s websites, but I know that when I am commissioning somebody to do something for me, I like to know what they look like and a little bit about them. On my website I’ve created this section with pictures to save people from having to read loads of stuff about me, so if you want to know a little about me in pictorial form, then you can view my website here. Otherwise, here goes ………

About Me

Sue Greetham on the other side of the cameraI am not going to bore you with background about my youth and how I came to love photography, other than saying I have a higher diploma in photography. I obtained this when I was 23, which was a fairly long time ago and since then have been shooting consistently for both commercial clients and hundreds and hundreds of families.

I have a son called Kayle (some of you may meet him at shoots as he often comes along to some of my studio or lifestyle portrait shoots when in London and acts as my assistant – he is a master at getting young children to laugh!) He is a teenager and I now understand how quickly children grow and how important it is to have beautiful memories of each unique stage in their development.

I love what I do! My goal for each shoot is to have fun and for everyone to feel relaxed, comfortable and enjoy themselves. I believe that photography has the ability to capture the unique spirit of individuals and let their energy shine through. I want my photographs to tug at your heart and warm your soul for years to come.

The Way I Work

Sue greetham with son KayleMy approach is relaxed and fun with a bit of gentle direction. If I’m shooting children, depending on the child or children, the character of sessions will vary. With some children one can expect to make silly noises, tell jokes, dance, jump up and down, clap hands and generally have a fun time. With others, they will want to sit quietly or just talk or play with toys while I observe. I endeavour to make all shoots light-hearted and fun. You will constantly hear the tiny clicks of the shutter as I capture a variety of moods, a shy smile, a goofy grin, a joyful giggle, the look of new discovery or a tender moment between siblings or parent and child.

Most of my business is from recommendations from happy clients many of whom I see on a regular basis having been there previously to share their weddings, pregnancies, christenings  or capturing those precious moments as their children and families grow. This is what makes my work and life so enjoyable.

What I Do Best

I specialise in creating beautiful, artistic photographs of those people and events that are most special to you. I aim to create timeless and honest pictures that ‘capture the magic’ of those special days and people in your life.

Your ideas are therefore very important to me so feel free to give me a ring to discuss them before booking or coming to your shoot.

If you are thinking about booking a session with me and would like to know more, then please feel free to give me a ring on 079 05 139 007 or email me


London Lifestyle and Studio Portrait Photographer
Stanford Brook (South West London)
Bromley (South East London)